1.17.00 - April 5, 2017

User Lookup tool, manually mark a coupon as distributed, widget ribbon enhancements

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User Lookup v. 2

We've made the User Lookup tool more robust with this release. Look up users by email to view referral and conversion history, or a unique referral code to view and block suspicious activity.
Now from the User Lookup, more easily directly add emails to Advocate Blacklist and codes to Referral Code Blacklist. For email shares, see the exact recipients, status of the referral, and how many invitees converted to date. Click 'View' to see all relative conversions + details in Conversions report.
The access User Lookup go to Settings » Referral Management » User Lookup.
Take a look at the updated Feature article »

Manually Mark Coupon as Distributed

We've introduced the ability to manually distribute a coupon code to a customer, to better assist customer support representatives. If there is any reason you'd like to give a coupon code directly to a referring Advocate or referred Friend, just click the button next to an available coupon and input the recipient email to mark coupon as used.
We've also added an 'Available' filter to Coupons, to view non-redeemed coupons more quickly.  Check out the Feature article »

Enhancements to Widget Ribbon

1. Custom Element input for Ribbon

Have you been wanting to use the Ribbon for a site-wide CTA, but felt the customizing options were limiting cohesiveness with your website design?
Well we've added functionality to add your own HTML snippet to replace the system ribbon. A Friendbuy admin will need to do this on your behalf, so just enter a request via Support/Chat icon.

2. Referral Widget Ribbon now centered vertically (on left and right)
You've spoken, and we've heard! We made an adjustment to the ribbon, when using a site-wide overlay widget with Ribbon selected as the trigger, and 'Orientation' is selected as left or right, so that the object is now centered vertically. This should make the call-to-action more visible to site visitors, and will help in some cases reported for overlapping on mobile and support chat tools.


Added new filters to bot clicks, to remove specific user-agent Facebook bot clicks. This should decrease the amount of Facebook clicks showing, that are due to these bots. (internal ENG-807)

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