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How are conversions tracked in Friendbuy?
How are conversions tracked in Friendbuy?

Learn about the different ways conversions are tracked through the Friendbuy referral program!

Written by William Harper
Updated over a week ago

Conversions are tracked in one of two different ways--through Coupon Codes and through Cookies.

  • Cookies - when a Referred Friend clicks on a referral link, Friendbuy drops a cookie on the Referred Friend’s browser. Once the Friend purchases, Friendbuy’s conversion tracker picks up the cookie and attribution back to the Advocate is established.

  • Coupon Codes - when a Referred Friend redeems their Friendbuy distributed coupon code, Friendbuy can attribute this purchase back to the Advocate.

As long as either the cookie or the coupon code are present, Friendbuy is able to establish attribution back to the Advocate.

When looking at this vice-versa, if the cookie is dropped but the coupon code is used in the purchase, it will still be tracked as a conversion.

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