⚠️ You must be the primary contact in order to manage users.

As the primary contact, you'll have the ability to review, grant, and revoke account access. Each user who is invited to join your team will have full access to the platform.

Reviewing Account Access

Navigate to SettingsAccount →  Manage Team

You will see a list of all users with access to your account.

Inviting Users

  1. Navigate to SettingsAccount →  Manage Team

  2. Click Add Team Member

  3. Enter the email address, first name, and last name of the team member in the Add User form

  4. Click Save

Invited users will receive an invitation email with login information. You can add as many additional users to your account however the email address can't be currently used for another Friendbuy account.

Removing Users

  1. Navigate to SettingsAccount →  Manage Team

  2. Find the user whose access you'd like to revoke

  3. Click Remove

Removing a user will immediately disable all access. If you want to add this user again in the future, you will need to use a new unique email address.

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