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How can I manage my subscription?
How can I manage my subscription?
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In this article you'll learn how to manage your Friendbuy subscription and billing.

Updating your plan

  1. Navigate to SettingsAccountBilling & Plan

  2. Click Edit Plan

  3. On the Upgrade your plan page, you'll have the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan

Managing your subscription

To get started, navigate to SettingsAccountBilling & Plansubscription management page

Updating Billing Information

  1. Under Billing Information, click Edit

  2. In this form, you'll have the ability to update the name, billing address, and credit card.

  3. Click Update

Reviewing Invoice History

Under Invoices, you'll see a list of the recent invoices where you can view and download the invoices. If you'd like to see older invoices, click All Invoices.

Canceling Your Subscription

  1. Please reach out to  

  2. Per our Terms of Service, we require a 30-day written notice of cancellation. 

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