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How do I integrate Friendbuy's maintained opt-out list with my CRM?
How do I integrate Friendbuy's maintained opt-out list with my CRM?

The below article outlines how Friendbuy handles unsubscribe links and information around integrating Friendbuy's opt-out list with your own

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The shared email (from advocate to friend) will include an unsubscribe link that will add the email address to a Friendbuy-maintained opt-out list, ensuring that they will not receive any further Friendbuy-powered referral emails. The reward email to the Advocate would not have an unsubscribe link as this is considered transactional. 

Many of our clients consider the Friendbuy-maintained list to be sufficient, as the friend can be considered to be unsubscribing specifically from the referral program. However, we do have clients who have integrated with their own CRM/opt-out lists as well.

There are a few different ways that this can be integrated with your CRM:

  • You can supplement the Friendbuy-maintained list by:

  • Uploading addresses to the platform

  • You can also retrieve the latest opt-out list via API

Friendbuy can also optionally be configured to send a request to an endpoint maintained by your system before the shared email is delivered. The shared email will only be delivered if your system's endpoint authorizes Friendbuy to do so. You can read more about this here.

As always, please feel free to reach out to or your Customer Success Manager for any additional information. 

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