Coupon Based Attribution

Friendbuy supports automatic association of a coupon code with a referral so that attribution of the conversion to an Advocate can be made with just the coupon code. This is helpful for cases where a Friend completes their purchase on a different device or browser without the tracking cookie present. Friendbuy associates the coupon code with the referral at the instance the Friend acquires their coupon code from an Email Capture widget, so that coupon code can then be used to establish attribution.

To take advantage of the Coupon Based Attribution, it requires sending Friendbuy coupon code information using one of two methods,  API or SmartPixel.  

  • Smartpixel:  See  coupon_code attribute details in the Order section of Friendbuy’s SmartPixel documentation

  • API:  See  coupon_code attribute details in the Purchases section of Friendbuy’s REST API documentation

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