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1.06.00 - August 01, 2017

Release Notes

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Facebook Messenger Sharing

Boost your sharing and conversion rate by leveraging Facebook Messenger as a new channel for advocates to refer their friends.  Customize the widget content for Facebook Messenger to create an on-brand experience for advocates/friends and track how well Facebook Messenger is performing as a channel through integrated analytics.

Selecting a Template with Facebook Messenger

First start by creating a new widget or updating an existing widget with a template that supports Facebook Messenger as a sharing channel. Currently, the Highland template is the only template specifically designed for Facebook Messenger (more templates will be rolled out down the line).  In addition to Facebook Messenger, this template also includes Email and Twitter share channels.

For customers on an Enterprise plan, Facebook Messenger can also be added to a new or existing custom template.  Please ask your Customer Success Manager for more details.

To create a new widget using the Highland template:

  1. Click the Create Referral Widget button

  2. Complete the first page of the form and click Next

  3. On the second page, pick your display setting and select the Highland template

  4. Click the Design Widget button to launch the builder

To update an existing widget with the Highland template:

  1. Click on the desired widget

  2. Click the Edit button to launch the builder

  3. Select the Change Template menu located in the upper-right hand corner of the screen

  4. Select Widget from the menu dropdown

  5. Select the Highland template

  6. Note, switching the template for an existing widget will reset the copy and images to the default

Customizing the Advocate and Friend experience

Once you have picked a widget and applied the Highland template, you can start customizing the look and feel of the Facebook Messenger channel directly from the widget builder.

As with all referral and sharing widget templates and share channels, the call to action copy and background image for the Facebook Messenger channel are editable so that you can control the way the widget appears to advocates who are sharing from your site.

Similar to the Facebook share channel in other templates, the Highland template allows for customizing the share image, title, and description that the friend will see.  These attributes along with the advocate provided message will be displayed in the Facebook preview when the share is posted to Messenger.

For more tips on designing your referral widget, please check out this help article.

Measuring Channel Performance

Integrated analytics for Facebook Messenger are built in to measure how Facebook Messenger is performing as a channel.  Use the Dashboard to review a high-level overview of the number of conversions and revenue associated to Facebook Messenger.

The Referral & Sharing >Analytics page provides a more granular breakdown of shares, clicks, conversions, conversion rate, and revenue.

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