Create and Edit Email Capture Widgets

Use an Email Capture widget to collect email addresses.

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Email Capture widgets are designed to capture customer email addresses in exchange for a coupon code or discount towards your online store.  Most commonly, they are used to provide a discount to a user that was referred to your site via your referral program - but can be used as a normal email capture widget as well.  To get your email capture campaign live, you'll need to first create and edit your widget.

Create An Email Capture Widget

Navigate to Email Capture > Widgets, and click on "Create Email Capture Widget" to be taken to the widget builder:

Design An Email Capture Widget

In the upper right corner of the widget builder, click "Change Template" to select the widget template you'd like to use for your Email Capture widget:

Once you've selected the template you want, use the ribbon at the top to toggle between each state of the widget for customization.

Let's briefly walk through each state!

Email Capture

This is the first state that users will see when interacting with the widget (shown above). It will simply prompt them for their email address.  When customizing this state, it's a good idea to include the incentive that the user will be receiving (if any) by providing you with their email address.


This is the state of the widget that users will see after submitting their email address.  This state will thank them for providing their email address, and if applicable, also provide them with a coupon or discount code.  You can also set the behavior of the button, including specifying a URL if you'd like the widget to redirect them to another page:

Button or Ribbon

This state will only appear if the widget's display setting is set to an "Overlay" with either a "Button" or "Ribbon" call to action - meaning that the widget is set to pop up if the user clicks on the button or ribbon that the widget is linked to.  

  • If using a "Button" call to action, you'll have the option of using the default button provided with your Friendbuy account or you can upload an image of your own button.

  • If using a "Ribbon" call to action, you'll have control over settings such as location, color, copy, etc.

Automatically Trigger the Email Capture Widget on your site 

When the referred user arrives on your site from a referral link, the Email Capture Widget will automatically display. This allows them to seamlessly enter their email address to receive their discount toward their first order.

To set your Email Capture Widget to automatically display, navigate to Email Capture > Widgets > Settings > Widget Display Settings 

Display settings should be set to the following: 

Style: Overlay

Call To Action: None

URL Targeting - Show only on these pages:  /**?utm_source=Friendbuy

By setting the URL Targeting to display the widget only when the Friendbuy UTM parameter appears, only your referred users will be able to access the Email Capture Widget to receive their coupon code or discount. 

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