Email Capture Use Cases
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The beta release of Email Capture is best suited for users who are able to provide a coupon code to visitors who enter their email addresses into the widget. Here are some email capture use cases:

Email Capture Widget only

Greet site visitors with an email capture widget and offer a coupon code. Once the user submits her email, she will see a coupon code she can copy and use at checkout. The call to action button in the widget will redirect the user to any page you set, (say, a clearance sale page) or you can configure the email capture to close when the command button is pressed and leave the user on that same page.

To do this, create your email capture widget and update the copy in the Email Capture and Thanks state. From the Thanks state, be sure to update the destination url to the page you’d like to drive users to once they have submitted their email address - if that is the desired configuration. Save and exit the widget editor.

Click the Display Settings button to configure how the widget will surface. Select Ribbon/URL Targeting for Widget Style and Autopop (no ribbon) for Display. If you’re not running a referral program, you’ll probably want to show the widget to all users, so you'll want to select Show Only on These Pages and enter /** (essentially show everywhere).

Remember to install the SmartPixel if you haven’t already and turn the widget on after designing and configuring your Email Capture widget. For the ribbon type of display setting, you won't be required to install any additional code.

Email Capture Widget combined with a Referral & Sharing Widget

You can serve an email capture widget instead of a landing page for referred visitors (friends). It’s a fast and easy set up since the email capture widget can be served through the SmartPixel.

To do this, you’ll need to have a referral widget and an email capture widget.

For the destination url of the referral widget, enter the url of the page you expect users to land on when they click the email, Tweet or Facebook share the referrer published. Now head over to the email capture widget and in Display Settings configure the widget to be an Autopop (no ribbon) and show only on the landing page you previously entered in the destination url of the referral widget. (Note: You can also embed and email capture widget if that is your preference).

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