Best Practice Widgets Display Settings
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Your Friendbuy account comes with three preset widgets that are configured to match our best practices. You'll find instructions on how to setup each one of them below:

Site-wide Overlay Setup

The Site-wide Overlay is preset to appear as a ribbon that's attached to the bottom or side of the browser that's available on every page of your site. This gives your customers easy access to your referral program no matter where they are on your website.

Refer-a-friend Landing Page Setup

The Refer-a-friend Landing Page is configured to be embedded directly on a page of your site and will appear to be in-line with the page content. This execution is critical for actively promoting your referral program.

Post-Purchase Overlay Setup

The Post-Purchase Overlay should be added to your conversion event page (typically an order confirmation or sign up confirmation page). It's configured to automatically pop up as soon as someone lands on the page, prompting them to share.

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