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Adding Your Own Twitter App
Adding Your Own Twitter App
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Friendbuy widgets use social apps (Facebook Connect and Twitter) to:

  • Authenticate users - which means you can put widgets on any open web page. This has a big impact on campaign performance, typically 10x better than a forcing a login before sharing.

  • Collect valuable social data in your Friendbuy dashboard.

You can configure your brand's Facebook Connect and Twitter apps and use them instead of relying on Friendbuy's default social apps. Adding your brand's custom social apps will likely increase authorization rates by your users.

1) Configure your Twitter app

  • If you already have a Twitter app, please double check your settings so that they match the requirements outlined below.

a) Settings

b) Access

  • Choose your app Twitter Apps.

  • Navigate to Permissions

  • Make sure Access is set to: Read, Write and Access Direct Messages

2) Configure your Twitter app in your Friendbuy account

Login to your Friendbuy account and navigate to: Settings > Configuration >  Integrations

  • Enter your Twitter Consumer Key

  • Enter your Twitter Consumer Secret

  • Click Save

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