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Your Friendbuy account provides three pre-configured widgets that every referral program should have. These widgets will help you get live quickly with the best practices of our top performing clients.

Site-wide Overlay

The Site-wide Overlay is the most important of your three best practice widgets. This widget gives your customers a fast and easy way to refer friends on impulse without leaving the page they are currently on.

Most of our clients trigger the Site-wide Overlay with a call-to-action in one of the following locations:

  • Ribbon attached to the bottom or side of the browser

  • Navigation link in the primary menu

  • Standalone button or a banner in the site header

This Site-wide Overlay is installed as a ribbon, appearing on the bottom of the screen.

In the example below, Proof Eyewear places their ribbon on the bottom right with a bold color to grab their customers' attention:

Refer-a-Friend Landing Page

The Refer-a-Friend Landing Page is critical for promoting your referral program – through banners in emails, with automated social media posts and even through paid advertising.

This widget should be embedded on a page that you control, such as The page can contain your site header and footer or it can be an empty page.

Direct customers to the Refer-a-Friend Landing Page from a marketing email.

In the example below, Ringly embeds the widget on a page that contains only their site header:

Post-Purchase Overlay

The Post-Purchase Overlay can account for 15% to 25% of your total referral revenue. Using auto-pop, you can achieve 10x sharing and referrals versus without auto-pop.

This widget should be installed on your post-purchase page as an overlay. The overlay should be triggered automatically when the customer arrives on the Thank You page, after completing her purchase.

Grab your customers' attention with a Post-Purchase Overlay.

Next Steps

Now that we've configured your three best practice widgets and their pre-configured settings, all you need to do is:

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