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For users who used the older version of our Conversion Report to mark conversions as paid or rejected, please mark rejected conversions as tests or export the report and insert an additional column to indicate if the conversion was paid or rejected.

Friendbuy records all conversions made from active referral widgets. With this data, you can review if your widget is properly working and logging conversions in addition to other tasks such as determining the average order amount for each referral campaign.

This report provides:

  • Date - The date when the conversion was created.

  • Friend Details - The email address, ID, and IP address of the friend who converted.

  • Order Amount - The friend's (conversion) order amount.

  • Order ID - The friend's (conversion) order ID.

  • Referrer Details - The email address, ID, and IP address of the referrer who shared the promotion.

  • Widget - The name of the widget the referrer used when sharing.

  • Share Channel - The channel that the referrer used when sharing.

  • Reward - The status of the referrer's reward in regards to the conversion.

In this report, you can perform the following actions:

  • Filter by referrer email address, widget, conversion status, and date range.

  • Export the report for further data manipulation and analysis.

  • Mark conversions as test conversions which will remove those conversions from the active list view and not include them in performance calculations.

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