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Add Your Own Facebook Connect App
Add Your Own Facebook Connect App
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Friendbuy widgets use social apps (Facebook Connect and Twitter) to:

  • Authenticate users - which means you can put widgets on any open web page. This has a big impact on campaign performance, typically 10x better than a forcing a login before sharing.

  • Collect valuable social data in your Friendbuy dashboard.

You can configure your brand's Facebook Connect and Twitter apps and use them instead of relying on Friendbuy's default social apps. Adding your brand's custom social apps will likely increase authorization rates by your users.

1. Configure your Facebook Connect App

  1. Navigate to Settings > Basic

  2. Under App Domains enter (for international customers, please see below)

For International Domains: Currently, Facebook requires matching domains and the easiest way to handle this is to match the .com version.

  • The .com version of your domain must point to your international domain version where you are placing Friendbuy widgets (i.e. should point to /

  • App Domains: (just like above and exclude or, etc.)

  • Select “Website with Facebook Login” and enter your web address (including the http://) such as or (exclude .br, .uk, etc.)

2. Submit Your App to Facebook for approval for key permissions

You will need Facebook approval to use your Connect App to perform the necessary actions used in a referral program. These actions are also called permissions. Here's a list of handy permissions

  1. publish_actions - Allows your customers to share (post) to Facebook. This is a permission you'll need for sure, #2-3 are nice to haves.

  2. user_birthday - Interesting if you want to follow up with people with a birthday offer.

  3. user_likes - Good segmentation data for Facebook ads.

3. Configure your Facebook Connect App in your Friendbuy account

  1. Login to your Friendbuy account and navigate to: Settings > Configurations >  Integrations

  2. Enter your Facebook App ID.

  3. Enter your Facebook Client Secret.

  4. Enter your app domain

  5. Click save.

  6. Click Update Permissions to configure the type of data requested from users when they authenticate your Facebook Connect app. These permissions are managed from your Friendbuy account.

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