Reward Criteria

Determine how a customer can qualify for a reward from your referral program

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The Reward Criteria configuration allows you to set certain conditions that must be met in order for a conversion to trigger a reward email. 

Configure Reward Criteria

You can find the option to edit your Reward Criteria when editing your widget:

From the dropdown menu, select the criteria you want to us and then click "Add":

Once you've selected the criteria you'd like to use, click on "Save" so finalize the changes or "Cancel" to discard them.

Reward Criteria Details

Please Note: The best referral campaigns are simple and easy for customers to understand. Placing too many restrictions on your campaign can discourage sharing and significantly impact the performance of your referral program.

We highly recommend that for most campaigns you only use the criteria New Customer Only and Minimum Purchase Amount. Reward Amount Cap, Max Rewards, and Many-to-one are best saved for specialty campaigns with very specific goals.

  • New Customer Only - This criteria will require that the Friend be a new customer in order for a reward to be approved for the Advocate. You can either pass a true or false value through the conversion tracker code to let Friendbuy know whether or not they are new, or if you’re passing Customer ID to Friendbuy through the SmartPixel, we will check our database for existing purchases from that customer and only validate a reward if one does not already exist (keep in mind that we can only track purchases from the time of installation moving forward).

  • Minimum Purchase Amount - The minimum amount the friend must spend on the referred purchase. Any referred purchases totaling under this amount will be marked as invalid and will not trigger a reward email.

  • Reward Amount Cap - The maximum amount that a single referrer can earn. Once this amount has been reached for a referrer, any subsequent referred purchases will be marked as invalid and will not trigger a reward.

  • Max Rewards - The maximum number of times that a single referrer can be rewarded. This number does not take the reward amount into account, only the number of reward emails that were sent. Once this amount has been reached for a referrer, any subsequent referred purchases will be marked as invalid and will not trigger a reward.

  • Multi-Conversion Reward - The number of referred purchases required for a single reward to be issued. For example, setting this value to 3 means that a referrer will only earn a reward after 3 referred purchases. In order for that referrer to earn another reward, another 3 referred purchases must be made.

  • Validation URL - The ability to do your own validation before Friendbuy issues a reward. When a conversion triggers a reward, we will go through our normal validation process. If you have configured a validation callback url in your reward criteria for a campaign, we will send a POST request to the supplied URL. The post request will contain the conversion details, which is identical to the data from our API, in JSON form (read more about the data here). If your URL responds with a 200 and otherwise passes our reward validation, we will validate the reward. If your URL responds with a status code of 400, we will consider the reward invalid. You may include an optional JSON response with a "message" field, which we will display in our conversion report under the reward details modal.

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