1.05.01 - July 10, 2017

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Enhanced Fraud Checks

To provide more granular control over fraud checks, IP address based detection has been expanded to two options. In addition to just IP address, the option to detect self referrals using a combination of IP address and user agent is now available. 

When the IP Address & User Agent option is selected, Friendbuy will automatically reject rewards where the IP address/user agent combination associated to the referral (shares, PURL, reminder email) matches the same IP address/user agent combination used to complete the purchase.

In addition to preventing rewards from being paid out, both of the IP address options can be leveraged to restrict self referrers from being redirected to the campaign destination URL with the friend offer.  When the Self Referred Redirect option is enabled and either IP Address & User Agent or  IP Address Only option is enabled, users who click on their own referral link will be redirected to the alternate URL if the respective IP address detection is made.

To access campaign fraud checks, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Referral & Sharing menu

  2. Click on Widgets

  3. Select a widget from the list

  4. Click the Settings dropdown

  5. Choose the Fraud Checks option 

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