1.03.03 - April 6, 2017

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Additional Data Included in Reward Report Export

Three new data points are now included in the Rewards Report export.   This additional data can be used to validate the efficacy of your advocate reward process and status. 

Rejected Reason: Indicates the reason(s) why a reward was rejected.  This field will include all reasons that apply for any given reward, separated by a comma. The possible values are:

  • Same cookie detected

  • Same customer ID detected

  • Same email detected

  • Same IP address detected

  • Similar email detected

  • New customer is required and purchaser is not a new customer

  • New customer check failed: previous purchase detected

  • Minimum purchase amount of x is required but conversion purchase amount is y

  • max rewards is x, total number of rewards for <customer> is y

  • Reward amount cap is set to x, total value of rewards for <customer> is y

  • conversion threshold is x, current number of rewardable conversions y

  • Referrer's email <email> is in merchant's blacklist

  • Validation callback rejected this reward

  • Validation callback did not complete or failed

Callback Message: The message contained in the reward validation response

  • Format is "<response_status_code>: <response_message>". For example, "406: Invalid Purchase"

  • Note, Callback Message will be empty unless the reward validation callback included a message in the response

Reward Email: Indicates whether a reward email has been sent for that reward. Note that “delivered” is defined as sending an email, not confirmation that a recipient received it.  The possible values are:

  • Pending Delivery

  • Not Delivered

  • Delivered

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