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Newsletter Opt-in

Building an email list for your newsletter is now made easy with Friendbuy’s new Newsletter Opt-In feature.  When a referrer is sharing through a Friendbuy Referral and Sharing widget, they can indicate that they would like to be included in your newsletter by selecting the “Newsletter” box, which is enabled by default.  If this checkbox is enabled at the time of the share, Friendbuy will automatically add their email address to a list.

As merchant, you can edit the copy used for the checkbox by clicking into the text area in the Widget Builder.  

This feature is available for the Sunset Referral and Sharing widget template.  If you are passing Friendbuy logged-in user information through our SmartPixel, the checkbox will always appear on the share state, as pictured above.  If email address information is not being sent to Friendbuy, the checkbox  will appear on the email capture state for Twitter and Facebook. 

A report of shares that were made where the referrer  opted-in to the newsletter can be exported from the application.  The report includes the following information for each share: Name, Email, Customer ID, CustomerEmail, Customer First Name, Customer Last Name, Message, Channel, Order ID, Date, Widget ID, WIdget Name. 

A report, in CSV format, will be delivered to your inbox, by following the below steps.

  1. From the Referral Widgets page, select a widget

  2. Optionally modify the date range for the desired data using the date picker

  3. Click Export 

  4. Choose Newsletter Opt-In

  5. Verify or change recipient email address

  6. Note, this is prepopulated with your email address  

  7. Click Send Export 

This feature can also be leveraged through our REST API and webhooks.  New shares can be posted with a newsletter opt-in and existing shares can be queried to identify which included a newsletter opt-in.  For additional information, please see the newsletter_opt_in attribute details in the Shares section of Friendbuy’s REST API documentation.  Share, Conversion, and Reward webhooks now also include newsletter opt in data that indicates if a referrer opted in during the share.

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