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Coupon Based Attribution

The feature allows for automatic association of a coupon code with a referral so that attribution of the conversion to the referrer can be made with just the coupon code (in cases where a referee uses the coupon code on a different device or browser without the tracking cookie present).  This is accomplished by associating the coupon code with the referral at the instance the referee acquires their coupon code.

To take advantage of the Coupon Code Attribution feature, it requires sending Friendbuy coupon code information using one of two methods,  API or SmartPixel.  

  • Smartpixel:  See  coupon_code attribute details in the Order section of Friendbuy’s SmartPixel documentation

  • API:  See  coupon_code attribute details in the Purchases section of Friendbuy’s REST API documentation

Coupon Offer Validation of Email Addresses

A new optional fraud prevention measure is integrated into email capture widgets for campaigns that are configured to distribute a coupon code via email.

At the time the referee submits their email address into an email capture widget, a validation check is performed against two sets of criteria.  If either of these conditions are true, the offer email will not be sent to the referee:

  1. Self referral - The email address supplied by the referee is the same email address as the referrer for this specific referral 

  2. Pre-existing purchaser - The email address supplied by the referee matches an email address Friendbuy has in the purchase history for your Merchant ID, meaning the referee has previously purchased and is not a new customer

This is a account-level feature that is enabled for all widgets.  To enable this validation, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Share Reminders

Referrers now have a quick and easy way to remind their friends that they have a referral waiting for them.  When a referrer is sharing through a Referral and Sharing widget, all they have to do is check the “Reminder” box, which is enabled by default.  When selected, Friendbuy will automatically send a one-time reminder email to the referee after three days if they have not yet converted.   The reminder email contains the same content as the original share email, with the addition of “Reminder:” prepended to the subject line.

You can edit the copy used for the checkbox by clicking into the text area in the Widget Builder.  

This feature is available for the following Referral and Sharing widgets:

  • Sunset 

  • Melrose

  • Beverly

  • Mulholland 

When purchases are posted via the POST /purchases endpoint of Friendbuy's REST API, we automatically detect if the referral code is associated to a reminder email and generate the appropriate conversion.

When requesting GET /conversions through Friendbuy’s REST API, you can determine that a conversion was generated from a reminder email by the presence of the reminder_email attribute.

 A TRUE OR FALSE value is included in the send_reminder attribute for GET /shares request made through Friendbuy’s REST API.  A TRUE indicates that a Referrer enabled the reminder checkbox when they made the share.  The same reminder_email attribute is included in the data Friendbuy posts for a Share or Conversion webhook.

Validation Callback Retry

The reward validation callback feature that is used to determine whether or not Friendbuy should fulfill the reward for a conversion based on your criteria, such as fraud checks, returns, or cancellations, has been enhanced with automatic retry logic.  In the event an exception is encountered when we make the HTTP POST request to your validation URL, we will continue to retry every hour for 24 hours.

For additional information about configuring a validation callback, please check out this Friendbuy Help article.

Improved Single-Page Application Support

Single-page applications built with AngularJS, ReactJS, and Turbolinks frameworks are now officially supported for Friendbuy widgets.  Widgets will automatically detect transitions between states in single-page applications and do not rely on entire page loads to trigger a widget.

Email Sender Config Improvements

Additional validation checks have been added to the Sender Email configuration page.  This additional validation ensures that your DNS records comply with SendGrid specifications. This decreases the likelihood that emails sent on your behalf from Friendbuy are identified as spam.    

New information is also available on the Sender Email configuration page that provides more specific details on DNS validation results.  The DNS records table now includes inline itemized feedback on why a DNS record is not valid for sending email via a third party.

In the event that your sender configuration remains or becomes invalid, Friendbuy will send a weekly automated message to the account owner notifying them that an update is required.


Days to Delay field not visible (2759)

This setting was not al visible for widgets configured to “autopop.”

Widget export restricted to last 30 days (6169) 

When exporting metrics from a Referral and Sharing widget, the export only included the last 30 days of data regardless of the date range that was specified.  

Extraneous SPF Validation Message (1213)

In some cases, an unverified domain warning message was displayed in Email Sender configuration page even though the SPF record is valid.

Copying an email capture results in spinning wheel (3585) 

In certain scenarios, when copying Email Capture widgets, a spinning wheel was displayed indefinitely until you reload the page.

In widgets using the Mulholland template, the Friendbuy hyperlink that directs to friendbuy.com was not linked. 

Ribbon to trigger overlay widget not loading (3975)

In certain scenarios, the ribbon used to trigger a site-wide overlay was not properly loading.

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