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Klaviyo is a technology company that combines customer data and marketing software.

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Klaviyo is a technology company that combines customer data and marketing software. They help businesses of every size — from entrepreneurs to iconic brands — deliver amazing experiences across email and other owned channels.

While you can use Klaviyo to make email marketing easy, its power comes from data. At its core, Klaviyo is a data science company, with email marketing being its primary customization avenue.

With this integration we will use a specified Campaign to generate a Personal URL (PURL) for each email submitted to Klaviyo. These URLs will be stored in Klaviyo with the submitted email.  We will also let Klaviyo know when an individual user unsubscribes from the referral program. 

Note: We will only send email addresses to Klaviyo where the user has checked Friendbuy’s newsletter opt-in checkbox before submitting their email into an Email Capture Widget or the Email Gate of a Referral Widget.  

Integration Instructions

  1. Navigate to Settings > Configurations > Integrations > Klaviyo

  1. Enter the Klaviyo API Private Key that can be found in the Klaviyo web application (click on the pull-down in the upper right corner, go to Account, click on the Settings pull-down and select API Keys).

  2. Enter the Klaviyo List ID for the List you wish to use for the integration. All emails will be added to/unsubscribed from this List. The List ID can be found in the Klaviyo web application by going to List & Segments in the left-hand menu, clicking on the desired List, then clicking on Settings.

  3. Select a Default Widget for generating Personal URLs (PURLs).

  4. Click Save.

Optional Settings

Overriding the default campaign

By default, all Personal URLs (PURLs) that are generated and sent to Klaviyo will use the default campaign specified in the initial setup.  For any referral widget, the Personal URLs can come from that campaign instead of the default campaign.  If you want to enable this, navigate to Referral & Sharing > Widgets > Select Widget > Settings > Integrations and select Klaviyo.

Vanity PURLs

If Vanity PURLs are enabled for the campaign used to generate a given Personal URL for Klaviyo, we will send them a Vanity PURL instead of the default Personal URL format.  (ex. http://fbuy.me/abc123 vs. http://fbuy.me/rose)

Backfilling Data

When you first enable the Klaviyo integration, Friendbuy will submit all existing Advocate email addresses and referred Friend email addresses to Klaviyo. 


If a user unsubscribes from Friendbuy referral emails, we will send an unsubscribe request to Klaviyo for that user.  During the initial backfill, any users that have opt-ed out in the past will not be added to the Klaviyo List.

Integration Data

Please see below for those supported attributes:

Custom Properties

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