Vanity PURLs

Enable Customer Advocates and Influencers to share Vanity referral links for a personalized sharing experience

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Feature Summary

Vanity PURLs, also knowns as Vanity referral links, allow you to provide personalized URLs to your Advocates and Influencers that include either their First Name, Last Name or the prefix of their email address.Vanity PURLs are visible in the referral widget when customer data is passed through Friendbuy’s SmartPixel or when an Advocate enters their email address into a referral widget. 


This feature is available for Deluxe and Enterprise pricing tiers.To get access to Vanity PURLs for your Referral Program and Influencer campaigns, contact your Customer Success Manager or email Support

Enabling Vanity PURLs to Display on Referral Widgets

When editing Referral & Sharing widgets, select the widget for which you would like to enable Vanity PURLs and you will see an option to ‘Enable Vanity PURLs’.

To activate the feature, click ‘Enable Vanity PURLs’ and then select ‘Enable’ on the confirmation step.

Note: After enabling Vanity PURLs, you need to republish the widget for your changes to go live.

Disabling Vanity PURLs for a Referral & Sharing Widget

Disabling Vanity PURLs is similar to the steps above.Select the appropriate widget and you will see an option to Disable Vanity PURLs.

Click ‘Disable Vanity PURLs’ and then select ‘Disable’ on the confirmation step.You need to republish the widget for your changes to go live.

Generate a list of Vanity PURLs for Advocates or Influencers 

You can also generate Vanity PURLs as a one-time action through our ‘Generate PURLs’ feature in the Friendbuy platform. Navigate to Settings > Referral Management > Generate PURLs.Note: make sure you have the Vanity URLs feature enabled for your account. 

In a CSV, include a list of email addresses and preferably customer IDs (customer IDs are optional).Upload the CSV into the platform and Friendbuy will generate a list of Vanity URLs for each email address.

Examples of Vanity URLs vs. Non-Vanity

A PURL without a vanity referral code looks like this: this is an example)

With Vanity PURLs, the Advocate’s first & last Name is passed through the Smart Pixel and the PURL will show up in a variety of ways. For example, if my name is Rose Harmon,and my email is, my vanity PURL could show up as:

Or, if the first name is not being passed through the Smart Pixel:

Or, if the first and last name are not being passed, it will pull in the first part of the email address before

But what if two people with the same information are each getting their own Vanity PURL? In this use case, an underscore ( _ ) will be added, and as duplicate PURLs continue to be created, the underscore will be followed by numbers. For example:

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