February 12, 2019 - 1.22.00

Advanced Rewards is here! Build dynamic, performance-driving tiers for rewarding Advocates.

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Advanced Rewards 1.0

Advanced Rewards is an exclusive, superfeature within the Referral & Sharing widget configuration when enabled for your account. 

With Advanced Rewards, you can select upon which criteria and range to base the reward model, and build up to 3 reward tiers. Dynamic rewards can take a static, Evergreen campaign to the next level, encouraging more, high-value referrals for power-Advocates, with flexibility for amount and type, based on the following criteria: 

  • number of conversions for a campaign (accrued by Advocate)

  • number of lifetime conversions (accrued by Advocate)

  • product(s) purchased by Friend

  • purchase amounts of referred Friend

We call out some ideal use cases in our help article, but check in with our squad at support@friendbuy.com for consultation.

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