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Look up all referral activity related to your Advocates, fast!

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The Customer Search tool, accessible from the left menu, is a one-stop-shop to search all activity related to referrals for your program. The details made available through this tool will help Customer Support Representatives best assist customers quickly with any available information, to get started searching by Referrer Email, Referral Code, Coupon Code, Purchaser Email, or Order ID:


View all referral activity
Search by Referrer's email, customer ID, or referral code (the characters after the / in a PURL, e.g. the rt6H5 in to return referrer details and performance stats, plus all relevant referrals, with dates, recipients, channel, associated campaign, and if there are referral conversions. Click Conversions to view details of each conversion event.

If any suspicious activity is observed within these results, you can choose to:

  • Block a Referrer by clicking the 'Block Sharer' link within Referrer details. This will stop this person from receiving additional rewards.

  • Block a Referral code by clicking 'Block' link under the referral code within the specific referral in results. This will block the code from generating any more conversions, and redirect users upon click to 'Offer not valid' page.

Confirm Friend Offers
Searching for referrals by Advocate will return a list of detailed Friend Offers sent to referred friends as part of the referral funnel, as distributed through a Friendbuy Email Capture Widget.

See Advocate Reward details
In addition to viewing referral activity results from the above inputs, swap tabs to see Advocate Reward details, such as status and details, referred friend order info, payout details, and reward email sent.

Search purchases
Want to confirm that a referred friend made a purchase tracked by Friendbuy? Quickly search by purchaser email or order ID for details, and if the purchase was tracked as a referral. Note, if for some reason a purchase was not tracked or not as a referral, you can always manually create from the Conversions report.

Search distributed coupon codes
Search on specific coupon codes to return details of whom it was sent to and when, if as an Advocate Reward or Friend Offer, and associated campaign.

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