1.19.06 - August 23, 2018

Easy PURL copy on mobile, exported files sent as a secure link, Fairfax Facebook template issue fixed

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Copy function on PURL field for mobile templates
Previously, selecting a PURL from its field in the Referral & Sharing widgets was a bit tricky. We've added some functionality to make this field automatically copied to the devices' clipboard when tapped. Users will see 'Copied!' when copy is a success, to continue to share easily.

Exported reports sent a secure link for download
You may have noticed that exported reports now arrive as a link for download in your email. This solution is more secure for transmitting customer data, and speeds up the request queue. Note: the link will expire 24 hours from receipt.


Recent integration changes for the Facebook share channel, to make sharing 'permissionless' for users, causes an error on the Fairfax template. This has been resolved, but note, this template will soon be deprecated for support. (internal ENG-1033)

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