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1.19.04 - July 18, 2018 Release Notes
1.19.04 - July 18, 2018 Release Notes

Coupon code in Email List export, GDPR Tool enhancement

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Coupon code included in Email List export

The Email List, generated from an Email Capture widget(s), most commonly used to distribute referred Friend Offers, is a great tool for building a prospective customer base. This report includes conversion date, and if the end-user has not yet converted this field will be blank. The latest enhancement is including the distributed Offer coupon code, to retarget these invited users, and urge them to convert with discount.

The export the Email list with all data, go to Email Capture » Email List » Export Emails

For more information on using Email Capture to distribute Friend Offers, check out this handy dandy article »

GDPR User Deletion Tool Enhancement

In compliance with GDPR, we've built a tool to locate users by email address, and perform a full deletion and/or anonymization of that end-user upon request via a merchant (a Friendbuy customer). We've enhanced this tool to identify instances when merchants passed a user email address in lieu of an Order ID, to anonymize.

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