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1.19.05 - August 8, 2018 Release Notes
1.19.05 - August 8, 2018 Release Notes

Create an Order, Override Reward Rejection Fix, Pasting widget embed code Fix

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Manually Create an Order to Create a Conversion

Offline purchases, or purchase tracking downtime? Now you can create a purchase manually, in order to create a conversion. When using the Create Conversion feature from the Referral & Sharing > Conversions report, you'll now see a link to '+ Create Order'. A form will be display to enter order details. Once added, you can continue to associate to referring advocate, for the respective campaign (Referral Widget) to make attribution.


When overriding a reward rejection, clicking the completion button more than once while still processing would create multiple rewards. (internal ENG-991)

Copying and pasting widget embed code from the application was adding an extra hidden character, breaking the HTML upon browser rendering, and causing widgets not to load. This was only experienced by some users using some web platforms.(internal ENG-1031)

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