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Change to Facebook Sharing
Change to Facebook Sharing

Our integration with Facebook for Referrers to share to Facebook no longer requires granting permission to Friendbuy

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The Facebook Sharing integration from Referral & Sharing widgets has been changed to a 'permissionless' user experience. Now, end users will be prompted to login (if not already logged in) to their own Facebook account before sharing directly to their own Newsfeed.

Description of change

  • When user is logged into Facebook, no ‘grant permission to Friendbuy’ experience in modal if 1st time sharing

  • If user is not logged into Facebook when sharing, he/she will be prompted to login, and progress to share directly to Newsfeed without granting permission

  • The user input 'Message' box has been removed--users will insert personal share message when opening personal Facebook in the modal screen

  • The call-to-action button to Post/Share + Personal URL field are re-positioned to preserve template design

  • Custom link content (link preview) will continue to show in the Referral widget, and also in the Facebook modal to post to user's Newsfeed

  • Analytics: Number of Facebook Friends (reach) will no longer update with shares, and this metric will be removed from the application soon

Additional changes to come

  • Referral + Sharing > News Feed: no longer gaining permission to user message content - Retiring in August 2018

  • Social Data > Social Queries: We’ll be retiring Birthdays, Likes, Friends in August 2018, but will be maintaining Top Conversions and Top Sharers reports

  • Audience Overview - Retiring in August 2018

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