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1.19.02 - July 10, 2018 Release Notes
1.19.02 - July 10, 2018 Release Notes

Associate coupon code to Referrer via API, Product Tracking added for Widget Targeting, Facebook sharing modal fix for IE

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POST/referral_codes API endpoint enhancements to associate coupon code to Referral

We've made our POST/referral_codes REST API endpoint, used to generate new referral codes and links for Referrers for a campaign, more robust. You can now create a direct association between a referral code and a coupon code. This help's facilitate making purchases independent of a referral link and offline, by applying a pre-determined coupon code upon checkout to make attribution back to the referrer.
Note, you'll have to be sure to pass coupon_code property in your Conversion Tracking Javascript, or include if sending purchases via the API.

Added Product Tracking to Widget Targeting feature

Our recently released, advanced-use feature Widget Targeting has been enhanced to include handling product tracking upon purchase event. You can now conditionally load widgets to users based on data sent via the Product Tracking Javascript tag, such as specifically loading widgets for certain products or range of products, to promote product sharing.

You'll need to be sending Friendbuy this tracking, and additional attributes being stories for customers can be added to this payload.

Currently, Widget Targeting is an Enterprise-only feature. Full details on implementing this functionality based on use case can be found here »

For documentation about tracking through JavaScript tags, visit our Developer Docs.


Facebook sharing modal was being cut off for scrolling in Internet Explorer. (ENG-940)

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