1.18.00 - June 19, 2018

Release Notes

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Widget Targeting (Enterprise feature)

Friendbuy now supports user segmentation for dynamically loading widgets based on user-centic and purchase criteria by enabling widget targeting.
Pass Friendbuy additional properties stored in customer profile via the Customer Tracking JavaScript, or choose which widget and reward show post-purchase based on purchase amount passed in the Order Tracking JavaScript to determine which widget is loaded for that user.
Check out the full details of how this feature works, and if it's right for your program.
Expanded functionality and enhancements to this feature are coming soon.

Please note this feature is currently only available for Enterprise plans, and at an additional cost. For questions or activation inquiries please give us a shout at support@friendbuy.com.

Widget Performance Enhancement Initiative

We've begun a rollout this week that is a major change and improvement to the way widget settings are stored and accessed, now in a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Previously, the code to support most widget functionality was stored in a server, requiring 'round-trips' when loading the widget and configuration. Additionally, performance sometimes depended on user proximity to this server.

  • You may observe a '403 Forbidden' error being returned in 'Network' during the rollout (like this: https://cdn1.friendbuy.com/widgets/configs/site-9e09ee9-www.yourdomain.com). Rest assured, this is not an error to be concerned with, it will just persist until all accounts are upgraded and we can remove the old code path reference.

  • Additionally, because all assets are now being stored centrally in the CDN, publishing widgets will take a few minutes to observe live on your site. 

We will be iteratively updating client accounts to the new structure over the next couple of weeks, to improve performance, especially in remote locations (e.g., outside of US).
For any questions about this initiative and timing on your account upgrade, contact Support.

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