Allow selecting an Offer Email from Email Capture widget, without a coupon bank

Previously, when configuring an Email Capture widget as part of your campaign, to select an associated Offer Email template, a Coupon Bank selection was also required.
We removed this logic, so that merchants can now still use an Offer email, even when not using to distribute a single-use coupon to a Referred Friend or Site Visitor. This is helpful if using an Evergreen, multi-use coupon for Offer, or if there is no coupon code being used as part of your incentive.

Read more on using Email Capture widget and Offer Email to distribute offers to Referred Friends ยป


Some Reward logic fixed: when days to delay was setup, and New Customer is a Reward approval requirement, an initial, pending order would get rejected for Reward if a new purchase (same customer) was in the pipeline during that delay (a mouth-full, we know). (ENG-887)

Editing Reward Criteria would be blocked after saving a very high amount (and some other settings) for minimum purchase required. (ENG-690)

Override Reward Rejection feature: the original customer(Advocate) was not being associated to the reward if the Reward Rejection was overridden. (ENG-912)

Shares should be blocked when widget is no longer published, this is a spam prevention fix. (ENG-829)

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