1.17.10 - May 18, 2018

Coupon code upload summary email, Analytics export change

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Email Confirmation with Summary for Coupon Upload

Uploading duplicate coupon codes or lines with errors can cause problems when distributing to Advocates and Friends. Now, upon uploading a coupon bank, you will confirm your email to receive an email confirmation of the upload, including details uploaded codes, skipped duplicates, and any other errors.

Widget Analytics Export update

For the widget analytics export report, which shows daily activity on each widget by channel, the number of widget impressions repeated for each channel. Because a widget impression, or view, is widget-level and not channel-specific, we're now just reporting this metric at the Email channel line (default view).
This will assist in external data manipulation, such as building pivot tables for aggregate metrics.

To export widget analytics, go to Referral & Sharing > Analytics > apply filters, and click Export.

Webhook Failure Notification to Customer Success Team (Enterprise)

Webhook problems? The Customer Success team's got you covered for identifying any issue to resolve more quickly. We added some instrumentation that will trigger a notifcation to our CS team if there have been response errors on any of your account's webhooks, if in use, within the past day (applies to enterprise accounts with dedicated account management).


Couldn't close out of Cloudsponge (email address import tool) on some overlay widgets. (ENG-889)

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