1.17.02 - April 12, 2018

Search by Order ID in purchase tracker, fix on 'Average Email per Share' metric

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Order ID field on Purchase Tracker

We've added 'Order ID' as a search field in the Purchase Tracker, to more easily search your orders to verify details about conversion events. This can help your Customer Support assist customers that have made a purchase without a conversion tracked, confirm if there was a purchase passed to Friendbuy. Other details, such as coupon code used, can also be viewed here. If not marked 'Referral' it's possible the purchase was made without the cookie. But no worries, you can always create a manual conversion.

To use the Purchase Tracker, to to Settings » Referral Management » Purchase Tracker.


Woops, the 'Average Email per Share' metric on your Referral Analytics Dashboard wasn't calculating correctly (# email shares, divided by total email recipients). Now, it's correct! (ENG-796)

Resolved a not-so-pretty error when trying to create a manual conversion, when the conversion already existed. Plus, proper error handling applied. (ENG-710)

Unicode characters in widget names were not being handled well, and were blocking report exports. Resolved. (ENG-650)

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