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1.16.02 - April 4, 2018

Release Notes

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Auto-send Reward Email once Coupon Bank is replenished

When your Advocate coupon bank runs out of coupons to distribute, the Reward Emails will be withheld. Now, once you receive an email notification that a bank is empty, and add new coupons, the reward emails will retry the next day, complete with coupon code.


A change made to the Segment Integration, to only send 'idenfity customer' calls to Segment once the customer has been tied to an event (share, conversion, reward). (internal ENG-842)

Email address passed for referred friend in customer tracker javascript not being used as fallback when email not passed by conversion tracker javascript. (internal ENG-482)

Sender Address was not populating correctly in reminder emails. (internal ENG-634)

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