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1.16.00 - March 19, 2018

Release Notes

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Email Capture Fraud Check - Restrict Offer to Referrals Only

We've released a Fraud Check specifically for Email Capture widgets. Restrict access to your widget's offer if a user has arrived to the Email Capture outside of a direct referral link. This preserves coupon code redemption for Friends following the referral funnel only. You can also customize the message to users. This is now enabled by default, and recommended when the widget is part of your referral program. 

If you're currently using Email Capture to collect email, and distribute offers via coupons to site visitors, simply disable this fraud setting under Settings > Fraud Checks. More on Fraud Settings »

Email Capture Webhook

We've added a new webhook for Email Capture. An email capture event occurs when a referred friend or site visitor submits their email address through an email capture widget.

After a successful email capture, Friendbuy will send a POST request to your system with data about the email capture, the visitor, and offer (if applicable). If the visitor is a referred friend, details about the referring advocate will also be included.


We fixed an issue that would sometimes send a second reward email to Advocates when 'days to delay reward' was set.  (ENG-810)

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