1.14.02 - March 2, 2018

Release Notes

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Filters added to Export PURLs

We've added filters to the Export PURLs tool, so you can export by a specific widget or date range to retarget Advocates, without sifting through a massive report.

More details on PURL Export feature here.

Auto-Retry Reward Emails once Coupon Bank is Replenished

Coupon banks run out of codes sometimes, before you get the chance to restock! Now, if your Advocate Reward Coupon Bank runs out, and rewards are approved, instead of the Reward Email failing to send, it will retry daily until the coupon bank is replenished with new codes (for up to a week).

Note: this is only implemented for 'Reward Emails' for Advocates currently, more to come for Offer Emails for Friends.


Email Capture Widget email counts not showing for new templates (ENG-698).

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