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Friendbuy is a Source and Destination in Segment

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Friendbuy as a Destination

Segment makes it easy to integrate Friendbuy with your website. Friendbuy's JavaScript snippets are automatically loaded and executed via Segment’s analytics.js library. This eliminates the need to have your developer manually add and manage Friendbuy’s code directly on your site. Enabling the integration will automatically:

  • Load Friendbuy widgets: Segment's existing page calls are mapped to Friendbuy’s push widget command

  • Notify Friendbuy about customers: Segment's existing identify calls are mapped to Friendbuy's track customer command

  • Notify Friendbuy of orders: Segment's existing track calls are mapped to Friendbuy's track order and track product command

Reference the detailed documentation and requirements from Segment here.

Friendbuy as a Source

Adding Friendbuy as a Source to Segment is a surefire way to elevate analysis of your referral program performance. Friendbuy will automatically send referral events and important metadata to Segment.

These events can be passed to your Segment Destinations such as data warehouses and analytics tools. Joined with data from other marketing programs, you can start telling a unified story of each customer’s journey and tailor your reporting to the KPIs.

View Segment's documentation detailed integration guide.

To add Friendbuy as a source in Segment:

  1. From your Sources page in Segment (, click Add Source.

  2. Choose Friendbuy (Referrals category).

  3. Click Connect.

  4. Give the Source a nickname. The nickname will be used to designate the Source in the Segment interface.

  5. Copy the exposed Write Key for Friendbuy from the Overview page and paste into the Write Key field in Friendbuy account at this location: Settings>Configurations>Integrations (seen below)

  6. Click Save.

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