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Generate a conversion manually through the platform

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There are a few reasons why a conversion may not be tracked within the platform, such as a user switching between devices before making the purchase, or dropped cookie. When a customer reports that there has been a conversion that warrants reward attribution, search for the purchase and generate the conversion through the platform. 

To manually create a conversion:

  1. Go to the Conversions Report under Referral & Sharing

  2. Click 'Create Conversion' button

  3. Search for the transaction, either by Purchaser's Email or Order ID (be sure the drop-down matches your search criteria input), or + Create an Order (for offline or missed purchases)

  4. Select the relevant purchase from results

  5. Input the Advocate's email address

  6. Select the associated widget from the drop-down menu for reward attribution.
Note the reward summary under this menu, dynamic based on selection, that will assist in a quick check that proper widget and reward are selected.

  7. Override fraud checks, reward criteria, and days to delay: This option will be selected by default, due to popular demand for instant rewarding. To process the conversion through the widget settings, deselect.

8. Click 'Create Conversion' to submit

Note: Option to override fraud checks, reward criteria, and days to delay coming soon as enhancement to this tool.

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