1.10.00 - January 22, 2018

Release Notes

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Override fraud checks, reward criteria, and days to delay for a manual conversion

An enhancement to the recently released feature, manually create a conversion (detailed in these release notes), is now complete with the defaulted option to skip referral widget checks. To quickly assist customers when a referral purchase has occurred for a conversion, without processing checks for fraud and reward criteria, or waiting for the delays to delay reward, keep the option selected when generating the conversion.

This option is set as 'on' by default by popular request, but can be deselected for the conversion go through the regular checks configured within the widget before approving.

Email Capture Widget with Newsletter Opt-in + Custom Fields (Beta, Enterprise only)

Note: This widget is currently only available for qualifying Enterprise customers.ย 

With custom implementation, we now support Newsletter Opt-in, plus the option to add custom fields to support your business needs, such as zip code or name.

Discuss your business use case with your Customer Success Manager to determine qualification and implementation plan.


Page view on reports pages resetting when widget filter changed
On all reports pages, when the page view was expanded, then widget selection updated from the dropdown list, the page view would reset to the default (25).


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