1.07.02 - October 26, 2017

Release Notes

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POST /shares endpoint accepts custom parameters

Now, when sending a POST request to the /shares endpoint, you can include custom parameters that will be appended to that share.  These custom parameters can be helpful for setting up custom tracking or conditional logic on your side.

For additional details on using this endpoint, please refer to their POST /shares section of Friendbuy’s developer documentation.


Chargebee credit is not issued for overriden rewards (282)

If overriding a rejected reward with a reward type of Chargebee Credit, the credit was not deposited into the advocate’s Chargebee account.

Widget variants change in same browser session during A/B testing (287)

In some scenarios, users were shown multiple variants of a widget instead of being pinned to one variant while cookied.

Total Recipients metric includes reminder emails (364)

The Total Recipients column in the By Channel section of the Analytics page was including the sum of both the Email Share and Reminder rows instead of just the Email Share row.

Widget filter is cleared when paging through Email List results (385)

When filtering the Email List report by a specific widget, the filter was cleared when paging through results. 

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