1.06.03 - September 20, 2017

Release Notes

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Locating SiteID and Widget ID

Your global Site ID and individual widget IDs are now easier to find.  In addition to being embedded in the Widget Installation Code and Integration Code JavaScript snippets, you can now find these values in the header of each of their respective pages.

To find your Widget ID:

  1. Select a widget from the list

  2. Click the Widget Installation Code tab

Note, the Site ID is provided along with each Widget ID for convenience.

To find your Site ID:

Chargebee Integration Validation

When configuring Friendbuy to integrate with Chargebee, Friendbuy performs real-time validation against Chargebee’s API to verify that the Site Name and API Key are valid and your Chargebee account has the appropriate permission for Friendbuy to deposit credit into an advocate’s account. 


Missing column in Verify Purchase Tracker report (7471)

When the Verify Purchase Tracker report was filtered to a date range that did not contain purchases, the far right column was missing from the report.

Fallback URL can be removed (229)

The validation that required a Fallback URL was not enforced.

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