1.06.01 - August 8, 2017

Release Notes

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Coupon Code field added to Verify Purchase Tracker report 

A Coupon Code code field is now available in the Verify Purchase Tracker report to assist in validating the integrity your purchases integration.  This new field is populated with the code passed to Friendbuy through JavaScript track order calls or posts to the /purchases REST API endpoint.

In addition to the table report shown above, the Coupon Code field has also been added to the Order modal that is accessible from the Conversions report, Rewards Report, and Verify Purchase Track report.

If the no value is provided in the purchase data sent to Friendbuy but the Coupon Code property is included, you will see a blank in the Coupon Code column.  If the Coupon Code property is completely excluded from purchase data sent to Friendbuy, you will see “NONE” in the Coupon Code Column.

Visitor status now includes reminder email responses

The visitor status feature has been improved to include reminder email-specific responses.  Previously,  clicks from both an email share and a reminder email would return the same response.  With more granular detail on which referral entry point a visitor on your site is coming from, you have more control to provide tailored workflow. For more details on visitor status, please visit our developer docs.

Custom webhook HTTP headers

This feature, which was previously limited to share email opt-outs, has been expanded to custom reward validation, share webhooks, conversion webhooks, and reward webhooks.

By default, webhook POST requests from Friendbuy include a header with our standard signature(s).  That signature header can be used to authenticate that Friendbuy originated the request. To provide better flexibility for customers that have specific header signature requirements, Friendbuy can now include custom headers in our webhooks as an alternative to our standard signature.  As an example, if you would like to provide your own access token, abcdefghijklmnop, you can provide it to Friendbuy and specify the header name as Api-Access-Token. Friendbuy will then send a header with that provided value in each webhook request.

  • For example: Api-Access-Token=abcdefghijklmnop

Custom headers can also be utilized for purposes other than security. For instance, if your webhook url handles posts from more than one service, a vendor identifier could be used to indicate Friendbuy is the requesting vendor for your service. This could indicate what type of request body your system should expect to handle.  

  • For example:  Webhook-Consumer-Id=friendbuy

For more details about utilizing custom headers, please contact your Friendbuy Customer Success Manager.


Stripe Reward fails when manually overriding rejected reward (7471)

Manually overriding a rejected reward via the Rewards Report would intermittently result in a Stripe error for campaign configured with Stripe Credit as the reward type.

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