Change Font Size in Widget Builder
It's here! We've added font editing controls in both referral and email capture widget builders to apply the sizing that best supports your program.

Go to Referral & Sharing >> Widgets or Email Capture >> Widgets, select a widget, and click 'Edit' button to enter the builder. Once any text element is selected and highlighted, you'll see the font size control activate for selection.

A note about changing font size:
Some font size changes from the original template may skew design and elements on your widgets. We recommend that with any font size changes, to utilize the 'Preview Widget' to ensure optimal widget appearance.

New Referral Management section
We've relocated a few things within the platform to help you find what you're looking for. All tools that assist in managing your program, such as Blacklists, Email Opt-out, Purchase Tracker, and Export PURLs, have been moved to a designated Referral Management section.


Personal URL reports were not being exported if a unicode (i.e. accented character is customer name or widget). This scenario for successful PURL export is now fixed. (int. ENG-700)

Email Capture widgets in an Overlay display setting were not showing 'Views' in analytics table (showing as n/a). Views now shows, retroactively. (int. ENG-659)


Since introducing the 'PURL Export' feature recently, we've noticed these files can be VERY large, and may get stuck on export to email, or at least take too long for receipt. We are working on a solution to take care of these scenarios. (int. ENG-707)

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