Webhooks allow Friendbuy to notify your system when certain events take place. By setting up Webhooks you can retrieve data on sharing and referrals and take action on that data. Use Friendbuy’s Webhooks to track referrals and update your CRM, or implement custom business rules like “3 for free.”

Friendbuy provides the following Webhooks

  • Sharing - Friendbuy notifies your system when a person successfully shares
  • Conversion - Friendbuy notifies your system when a referral conversion is detected.
  • Reward - Friendbuy notifies your system when a reward has been evaluated.

Configuring Webhooks

Webhooks are configured in your Friendbuy account. Here are the steps:

1. Log in to your Friendbuy account
 2. Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Webhooks
 3. Click on the Webhooks tab
 4. Enter the URL for the Webhook you’d like to activate


Friendbuy requires SSL-enabled URLs for Webhooks (https). Optionally, you can add HTTP basic authentication.

To add basic authentication, click on the lock icon next to the Webhook url under Settings > Configuration > Webhooks:

Then, just enter your credentials and hit save:

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