Skip this step if you’ve already installed the SmartPixel when configuring your referral and sharing widgets.

⚠️ To complete this process, you must have access to your website source code, be relatively comfortable with HTML (or have a developer that can help you).

Now that you've designed your widget, you’ll need to place our SmartPixel on your site. Our SmartPixel is a snippet of JavaScript that enables widget functionality.

  1. Log into your Friendbuy account.
  2. In the left hand navigation menu, click on Settings > Integration Code.
  3. Include the SmartPixel on every page of your website. For most web sites, this is accomplished by copying the code and pasting the SmartPixel once, immediately after your opening <head> tag, which should then make the SmartPixel available across all pages (secure & non-secure).
  4. Configure the JavaScript so that the appropriate data is passed to Friendbuy.
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